Expert Hand Rug Restoration

Do any of your rugs appear to be in poor health? Let us help you to restore that rug and revive its true value.

The Level Of Care Your Rugs Deserve

You’ll be amazed at how well a worn or faded rug can be brought back to life. Our expert restorers offer a variety of rug restoration services such as refringing, rebinding, repiling, reweaving, overcasting.

A reason for periodic rug cleaning

Cleaning offers an opportunity for the Medallion staff to review your rug and its condition. Damage and wear is not always readily noticeable. Should we find something, we will bring it to your attention.

Where will my rug be repaired?

All of the restorations and repairs are done by our expert repairmen at our location, unless we reccomend after inspection, particularly for major restorations, it will make more sense if we ship your rug overseas; to be repaired by the same masters who create many of the rugs that you see in our showroom. We have close ongoing relations with these craftsmen, trust their work, and will in turn guarantee the quality of the restoration to you.