Professional Green Rug Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning rugs made of wool, silk, Viscose and artificial silk

Free Pick-up and Delivery in the Greater Boston Area

To preserve your rugs’ beauty and value, we recommend having them expertly “green cleaned” at Medallion Gallery every two years. If the rug is in a high foot-trafficked area, consider having it cleaned once a year.

Our Cleaning Process

Medallion Gallery’s green rug washing process is done entirely by hand.

Inspection  First, a pre-inspection photograph of your rug is taken to record its condition on arrival, and its fibers are tested for mold, bacteria and any other problems. Depending on the rug and its condition, we offer 2 types of hand washes. The solutions we use have no chemicals, but are so thorough, they clean, plus eliminate allergy-inducing particles.

Deep Cleaning Wash  First your rug is placed on a machine that vibrates it at high speeds to shake free sand and soil. Then clinging dust and dirt is carefully vacuumed out. We then use a mild, odorless detergent and deeply hand wash every square inch of your rug with a consistent, but gentle pressure to help restore its fibers’ natural beauty.

Luster Wash  Here, we eliminate sand and dust, and then also use a mild, odorless detergent, but the hand-washing process is a bit lighter and more evenly concentrated on the surface fibers of your rug. A conditioner is then used to produce a lustrous look.

temperature controlled drying  After washing, your rug is thoroughly rinsed of detergent. Then the water is carefully and thoroughly extracted from the rug, before it is brought to a temperature-controlled room for gradual drying.

The entire process takes about seven days from free pick-up to free delivery, within a five mile radius. Please call us for rates outside this area. Please call 1-617-236-8283.

When Your Rug Is At Home…

Please don’t forget to pay a little “special attention” to your rug from time to time to keep it looking its best. Regular vacuuming is fine, but also inspect the back of the rug occasionally and vacuum it, too.

Should you or a family member spill something on the rug, or even stain it, don’t panic. But quickly remove the spill to minimize the damage. Blot it with a clean rag or paper towels until dry. (If the rug’s dye runs onto the towel, stop and call us for consultation. ) Sprinkle the soiled area with cool water and wash gently with a clean sponge, then press the area with paper towels to remove as much water as possible. If staining remains, call us.

Photos courtesy of Alternate Angles