Custom Framing

For many people, finding the right frame—and the right framer—can be hit or miss. Unfortunately, when it’s a miss, an entire room suffers—as does your mood every time you view that artwork on your wall.

Framing that fits…your space, your home, your personality

At Medallion Gallery, all framing is done on-site, and our framing and interior experts patiently and carefully work with you to make sure you have a hit. We listen carefully to understand your home and your lifestyle, we study photos of the room in which your artwork will hang, we’ll even review fabric and paint samples if you can bring them to us! It’s with this cumulative information that we can make the best suggestions and help guide you along the path to a final decision.

Our direct sourcing of materials allows us to offer competitive prices.

All art and objects in our possession are fully insured. And…satisfaction is always guaranteed!